Getting to know the components of garden lights

اجزای چراغ باغی

Getting to know the components of garden lights

There are different types of garden lights such as LED lights, neon lights, fluorescent lights, etc., but the components of garden lights are common in many cases. These common components are:

Body: The body of garden lights is usually made of different materials such as metal, plastic or glass. Each person chooses one of these bodies according to the environment in which he is going to use these lights.

Lamp: The lamps used in garden lights may be LED or halogen, and in some cases, fluorescent or neon lamps can also be used.

Power supply: Garden lights may be battery or mains powered.

Cable: To connect the garden lights to the power source, different cables are used, such as power cables or USB.

Switch: The switch is used to turn on and off the garden lights.

Base: To install garden lights in different places, different bases such as metal bases, plastic bases or concrete bases are used.

Lens: Some garden lights have a lens or frosted glass that is used as a cover for the lamp or LED and emits light in a proper way.

Protection: Some garden lights have a protection or protective cover that is used as a cover for the lamp or LED and prevents the lamp or LED from being damaged or damaged.

?Do you need screws to install garden lights

There is no need for bolts and nuts to install garden lights, and other methods can be used, such as installation with metal bases, plastic bases, or concrete bases. But in some cases, bolts and nuts may be needed to install the garden light poles to the ground. In this case, to install the garden light to the bolts and nuts, you must use the right bolts and nuts and be careful enough in installing them. However, the method of installing garden lights should be determined according to the type of light and its installation location.

Choosing the right type of base for installing outdoor lights

The base is one of the components of the garden lamp, which is used for some of them in garden or outdoor environments. In order to be able to choose a suitable base for your lamp, you must pay attention to some things. Here we have introduced and described some of these items.

Type of land: To choose the right bases for installing lights, you must first check the type of land. If your ground is sandy or soft, it is better to use metal bases or concrete bases. But if your ground is hard or heavy, it is better to use magnetic bases or plastic bases.

Height: The height of the bases that you use to install the light should be enough to bring the light to the desired height and not edit your eyes from the perspective of the light beam. On the other hand, the height of the base should be proportional to the flowers and plants of the area. If it is shorter, it will not be able to illuminate the area, and if it is too long, the light will be scattered. As a result, you should choose and buy the lamp base, which is one of the most important components of the garden lamp, correctly.

Type of lamp: The type of garden lamp should also be very important in choosing the bases. For small and light lights, you can use plastic bases, but for heavy and larger lights, it is better to use metal bases or concrete bases.

Weather conditions: When choosing a lamp base, you should also pay attention to the weather conditions. If your area has a lot of rain, it is better to use foundations that have good water resistance. Otherwise, your lamp base would be damaged very soon and you will have to replace it. On the other hand, you can choose bases that can be painted.

Decoration plan: Finally, you should pay attention to the decoration plan of your garden. The bases you use to install garden lights should be compatible with your garden decoration and add to its beauty.

Suitable lamp for garden light

Considering that one of the main components of the garden light is the lamp, as a result, you should be very careful in choosing the lamp. To choose the right type of lamp for a garden light, several factors should be considered:

Type of lamp: The type of lamp that is suitable for a garden lamp depends on the type of garden lamp and its capabilities. For example, some garden lights can use LED bulbs, while others use halogen bulbs.

Light intensity: To choose the right bulb for a garden light, you must pay attention to the light intensity required. For example, if you need a stronger light, you can use LED lamps with high power and high light intensity.

Energy consumption: Energy consumption costs for garden lighting are also very important. LED lamps can be useful with less energy consumption than halogen or fluorescent lamps. These lamps consume much less energy than other lamps, and as a result, they have a great impact on reducing the overall monthly costs.

Lamp life: You should also consider the lamp life in choosing the right lamp for all kinds of outdoor lights. LED lamps usually have a longer life than halogen or fluorescent lamps. This allows you to use them for a longer time. For this reason, these lamps require less repair and replacement, and you can use them more safely.

Light color: Another factor that can play an important role in your choice is the light color of the lamps. For garden lights, you can use lamps with warm or cold light color, because warm or cold light color can be effective according to the atmosphere of the garden.

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