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چراغ ویلایی

In this note, we are going to talk about the villa lamp, its types, the selection criteria of this product and a reliable system for buying these lamps. If you are interested in getting more information about these products, I invite you to stay with us until the end

?What is a villa lamp

The villa lamp is similar in structure to any other lamp that is used outdoors. But this is the nature of the villas, which causes only a part of the so-called park lights to fall into this category. In this regard, according to the definition that is established in our general culture, a villa is usually a type of residential structure with a large area that has an open space – such as a yard, garden or green space. After all, the villas usually have a four-way view and are built in areas with good weather – generally outside the city and summer areas.

Since the villas are more than an environment for living, they are a building for rest or recreation during the holidays of the year, usually the residents are not continuously present in the villa. But what does this have to do with the type of lights?

Effective factors in choosing villa lights


When you stay in a villa, the beauty of the environment should match the nature of the structure. In simpler words, when you are in a luxury residence, with generally expensive furnishings and entertainment hardware, the presence of unbalanced lights can reduce the enjoyment of the place.

Maybe this is not very important for the renters of the villa or its guests, but without a doubt, an owner is looking for all the equipment and consumables in his villa to be ideal. Therefore, although you can use any playground light – such as simple park lights – to illuminate the outdoor space of the villas, but the villa light helps to improve the visual space of the environment due to its beauty and unique design. In choosing these products, if the appearance is not more important than the efficiency of the lamp, it is not less important either.


As we know and it has been mentioned, many villas are located in good weather areas. This means that we always have rain, sunshine, noticeable temperature changes in different seasons of the year and challenges such as Sharjah weather.

For this reason, it is necessary for the villa lamp to have a structure that is resistant to these factors. Part of this resistance can be related to the structure of the main body – for example, the material or type of color of the metal used in the lamp body – and another part to the quality of the wiring or the amount of insulation of the bubble, which over time affect the efficiency of these products.

Number and power of lights

We said that villas or villa houses usually have a large area. For this reason, it is necessary for the lights used in it to be so powerful that they can illuminate all the said space at night. On the other hand, they should have an affordable price in a number of standards. It is important to light up the space at night so that when we are not present in the villa, we can observe it remotely with security equipment such as cameras and not have blind spots. This has caused many people to use powerful projectors for this purpose. On the other hand, when we spend the night in the villa, in addition to having a good view of our surroundings, we should also observe the aspects of caution and security prerequisites.


One of the characteristics that all humans have more or less, is the desire to have tools that are unique or do not have many examples. A trait that makes many of us want to own a house, a car, a mobile phone, or special and so-called unique clothes. In this regard, many villa builders or owners of these structures also want the decorative products in their villas to be special and unique. Of course, due to financial constraints! In this regard, there is a variety of villa lights with a manufacturer or supplier, which makes our hands open to choose. A villa lamp can be of the grass and base type that sinks into the ground, or wall-mounted! On the other hand, these lights are available in different types of light spraying. for example:

Creating a wide light surface without showing the light source in the backlight lights
Light passing through the wall in translucence lights
Focusing light with a source from the front in reflector lights

In general, this villa designer is an interior designer or building electrician who determines what kind of light to use where.

?Where to get the parking lights of the villa

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